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The HandiHone™ Universal Sharpener
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Does it work?
Yes. If it didnít, it wouldnít be sold.

Can it ruin my blades?
Only if you donít follow the simple instructions that come with it. Grinding the tips off your blades will ruin them, but this is possible to do with any sharpener.

Are replacement diamond pads available?
Yes, most likely through the same place you originally bought your HandiHone™ through.

Is the diamond pad flat?
No, it is dome shaped, a shape that is absolutely necessary for proper cutting.

Doesnít it need to be flat?
No, flat blades will not cut the hair, they will instead pull it. This is the exact reason your clippers begin to pull hair when they get dull, because they begin to get flat. The HandiHone™ restores the concave shape that came on your blades from the factory.

How many sharpenings do you get out of the diamond before it wears out?
On average, depending on how well you maintain your blades (keeping them rust free, keeping them sharp and not allowing them to get excessively dull from prolonged use, etc.), the diamond pad will last about 100-150 sharpenings

Does it require cutting fluids/oils?
No, and using fluids/oils on the HandiHone™ will ruin it.

What size blades will it sharpen?
Anything 2Ē wide or smaller.

Will it sharpen high/low end clippers?
A clipper blade is a clipper blade, theyíre all made of steel (except the ceramic ones, of course), andthey all require the exact same shape to cut properly. Iíve sharpened everything from a Sunbeam (low end clipper from Walmart) and an Oster 76 (high end clipper), and they both cut as well as they did out of the box when I was done with them. Iíve sharpened many other clippers in between, and there isnít one out there the HandiHone™ wonít sharpen because all clippers are inherently the exact same and require the exact same sharpening process. A clipper blade is a clipper blade, it is 100% irrelevant whether itís a cheap superstore brand blade or a $25 Oster blade, theyíre all made of nearly the exact same metal, and all need to be sharpened in the exact same way.

Will it sharpen knives?

Will it sharpen ceramic?
No, there is no sharpener available that will sharpen ceramic.

What advantages does it have over industrial units:
Cheap Quiet Clean Efficient Easy

What disadvantages does it have to industrial units:
Due to its compact size, it can only sharpen standard size blades, and not the wide sheep-type sheers some people have